Learning How to Sew – Simple Guide to Start Learning

Learning How to Sew – Simple Guide to Start Learning

Sewing is incredibly easy to do if you know how to and it can be quite a lot of fun too. Yes, there are times when learning to sew seems boring but it can be really quite fun and appealing. It’s also a lot easier to learn to sew too when you know a few simple things. You can even teach your teen how to sew.

So, what do you need to know when you want to start learning to sew?

Read on to find out a few of the basics you’ll need to know when you want to learn.

Start Off By Hand and Learning to Thread Needles

When you’re new to sewing, you have to start off by sticking with the basics and the most simplest of tasks – learning to thread a needle! Now, if you already know how to thread a needle, that’s great but surprisingly a lot of people don’t and it’s something which most people seem to struggle with. It can be a frustrating task at the best of times and most will struggle at some point. So, take your sewing needle and a piece of thread and carefully pull the thread through the sewing needle hole. It can be tricky at times but once you have a few goes at it, you will find it’s a piece of cake. Sewing by hand might sound boring but it’s usually where most people start.

Start With Simple Stitches

Whether you are going to sew by hand or by a machine, you have to start with a basic stitch. You should start sewing in a straight line for a few seconds – yes, that simple! Starting off like this will enable you to get a feel for how to sew and how the machine works, if you’re using a machine. Simple or basic stitching is the best solution for most and it can help you understand the basics of sewing up seams and fixing little tears in fabrics. The type of fabrics in which you should start off with should be something little cotton or imitation silk. The reason why is simply because they are easy materials to work with as they are thin, thicker materials can be trickier to work with so learn the basics before you move onto the thicker fabrics like denim.

Forget About Complicated Cross-Stitching Until You Have Mastered the Basics

Let’s be honest, we all want to run through our basics when it comes to learning to sew and learn to use fancy cross-stitches and everything else but it’s not always the smartest solution. When you are learning to sew, you need to cover the basics first and get to grips with these things so that you are able to move on. A lot of the time, people struggle with the basics such as threading a needle or understanding how to turn on a sewing machine; if you struggle with them, you will find cross-stitches harder to deal with. That’s why you need to cover the basics first.

Love to Sew

Learning to sew is not as difficult as you might think and there are lots of simple ways to learn too. Once you have mastered the basics you shouldn’t find it too troubling to move onto more complicated matters and you can learn the basics within a few days at best, if not sooner. Sewing is a fantastic craft to learn and you will be able to do a lot with these new skills. Visit Jen’s Sewing Machines if you love sewing and want to grab a sewing machine.

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