Baby Gift Ideas that You Can Make with a Sewing Machine

Baby Gift Ideas that You Can Make with a Sewing Machine

Choosing gifts is hard!

Especially if you’re looking to make a baby’s first birthday special. None of us want to be lost amongst the thousands of other toys and other things that the babies would use for a limited time.

Plus, toys can be costly. One of the easiest ways to create gifts for the newborns is through sewing. Grandmas everywhere had the right idea generations ago when they started giving blankets to the kids. Now, with sewing machines aplenty, making gifts for children is a simple way to go.

Here are some excellent gifts you might try your hand at making.

1. Blankets

Sew your own baby blankets

The proper nanny gift, this warm piece of cloth made with care is going to be with the baby for long. Some children even carry it all the way to adulthood.

How to make the blanket that special? Use different patterns and incorporate the various cartoons that the baby might like. Make it colorful and warm, and make sure to keep the fabric soft, so that the baby doesn’t get rashes.

Trust me, in a world of flashy toys; a blanket is a respite everyone needs.


2. Sock Puppets

Remember these?!

Easy-to-make and cute to boot, these things are entertaining as well as very useful around the house. So, get out the socks and make sock puppets and monkeys for your young bubs. Try out different patterns and make innovative gifts out of these.

Remember to use brighter colors and try new types of designs.


3. Leggings

Babies get cold too.

If you’re looking for a practical thing to create for wee babies, a legging could be one of the best ideas. The good people over at Preemietwins gave this idea to us. The leggings can be made from any patterns that you want to.

Leggings and warm clothes may not sound very exciting, but they are surely one of the most practical gift ideas for babies. Just remember to use soft fabrics and nothing that might cause allergic reactions.


4. Diaper Covers

Diaper covers needn’t be those drab colors anymore. Take up colors patterns and stitch them into a beautiful diaper cover. This would save your friends the trouble of buying expensive diaper covers and also give you the chance to incorporate a lot of patterns.

Add some lace and make it ruffled, or add some cute monkeys to make the baby fall in love with it. These are some of the basics that a parent can never have enough of when the baby is in a growing phase.


5. Nursing Station

One of the best gifts for new mothers, a nursing station that supports that back of the mothers and covers the babies is a simple and efficient gift. These are easy things to build. Make the cloth a comfortable one to rest on, check out the patterns and your friends wouldn’t ever get tired of thanking you!