Learning How to Sew – Simple Guide to Start Learning

Learning How to Sew – Simple Guide to Start Learning

Sewing is incredibly easy to do if you know how to and it can be quite a lot of fun too. Yes, there are times when learning to sew seems boring but it can be really quite fun and appealing. It’s also a lot easier to learn to sew too when you know a few simple things. You can even teach your teen how to sew.

So, what do you need to know when you want to start learning to sew?

Read on to find out a few of the basics you’ll need to know when you want to learn.

Start Off By Hand and Learning to Thread Needles

When you’re new to sewing, you have to start off by sticking with the basics and the most simplest of tasks – learning to thread a needle! Now, if you already know how to thread a needle, that’s great but surprisingly a lot of people don’t and it’s something which most people seem to struggle with. It can be a frustrating task at the best of times and most will struggle at some point. So, take your sewing needle and a piece of thread and carefully pull the thread through the sewing needle hole. It can be tricky at times but once you have a few goes at it, you will find it’s a piece of cake. Sewing by hand might sound boring but it’s usually where most people start.

Start With Simple Stitches

Whether you are going to sew by hand or by a machine, you have to start with a basic stitch. You should start sewing in a straight line for a few seconds – yes, that simple! Starting off like this will enable you to get a feel for how to sew and how the machine works, if you’re using a machine. Simple or basic stitching is the best solution for most and it can help you understand the basics of sewing up seams and fixing little tears in fabrics. The type of fabrics in which you should start off with should be something little cotton or imitation silk. The reason why is simply because they are easy materials to work with as they are thin, thicker materials can be trickier to work with so learn the basics before you move onto the thicker fabrics like denim.

Forget About Complicated Cross-Stitching Until You Have Mastered the Basics

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How Learning to Sew Can Enrich Your Life

How Learning to Sew Can Enrich Your Life

How much do you love crafts? Crafts aren’t just limited to painting or drawing as so many people think, they can stretch to lots of areas including sewing. Sewing is not always a favorite for many as it looks far more complicated than it actually is. However, learning to sew can be a very smart idea whether you are a woman or a man. Sewing is a core skill and while you might not think of it as that, it really can be so very useful. So, how can learning to sew enrich your life?

Making Simple Repairs to Clothing

First and foremost, what do you do when there are little tears and rips in your clothing? Do you throw away or do you repair it? For most, they think sewing is too hard and that their clothes should be thrown away. However, why throw out a perfectly good pair of jeans or a lovely new blouse when you could repair it? Sewing, whether it’s at the seam or in the middle can be fairly easy to do and you can avoid throwing away perfectly good garments. That is one amazing way in which learning to sew can enrich your life. You save money and you can reuse the clothes over again. What is more, you can make new clothes if you wanted to!

You Can Start a New Hobby

Why not start a new hobby when you learn to sew? Sewing can be a fantastic hobby and while you might not think so, it can be. Crafts such as sewing can be fun, exciting and there are lots of things to do. You can create patchwork quilts from home and get the family involved as well as pass the quilt down too. There are so many amazing things to create and you can really enjoy it all. That is why so many are now looking into sewing as their new hobby. It’s a great way for you to enjoy passing the time and you can get involved with a lot of sewing groups too which can help get you out and meeting new people.

You don’t need much to get started, simply purchase a beginners sewing machine, some thread and you are set!

Create A New Trade For You!

Got some free time on your hands? Well, if you do, why not look to some crafts such as …

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Guidelines for Setting up A Proper Sewing Environment

Guidelines for Setting up A Proper Sewing Environment

Sewing is not as difficult as it appears to be. Yes, if you don’t know how to sew it can appear that way but when you learn the basics you shouldn’t have too much trouble tackling the minor sewing tasks. However, if you have a real desire or interest in sewing, you need an environment which is designed for sewing alone. You need a proper sewing environment so that you can have a space dedicated to your sewing needs. The following are some guidelines to help you set up a proper sewing environment.

Set Aside an Area within the Home and Add a Sturdy Table and Chair

You need a room that is able to hold all of your sewing materials as well as offer you sufficient space to work in. so, if you have a spare room, you might be best sticking to that area. If however, you don’t have a spare room, you can still set up a dedicated working space if there is a spare and quiet corner in the home available. Once you have found your working space, you should add a good and very sturdy table that is able to hold a sewing machine (if you’re working with a sewing machine) as well as a nice and comfortable chair. When you’re looking at working with crafts you need to be comfortable as you can be sitting for a considerable time period.

Choose the Best Sewing Machine

It’s easy to sew with an actual sewing machine and you shouldn’t take this for granted. Yes, sewing by hand is good but if you are going to do a lot of sewing work you should look at getting a machine to help out. So, you will need to choose a good sewing machine. When you’re working with crafts and are in particular learning to sew, you should consider buying a top quality machine to sew with. It needs to be good. You can actually buy a second-hand one if you don’t have a lot of money to spend. Here are some great tips about what to consider before purchasing your first machine.

Select a Suitable Lamp to Help You Sew

While you might have good eyesight, you can still require some extra assistance when you’re sewing. You are going to be working all hours when you sew and it might be that you need more light; in …

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